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Partnership Levels

The program has three membership levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The benefits and requirements increase as our partners gain experience in selling and delivering Bitdefender solutions. Whether partners have a direct business relationship with Bitdefender or a relationship through a regional distributor, the commercial conditions remain the same.

Bronze Partner

The BRONZE level, the Bitdefender partnership entry point, offers a basic percent of margin. It allows partners to learn more about Bitdefender security solutions and the opportunities they provide. Bronze partners have access to free marketing and newsletters to keep them current with market trends and Bitdefender related news.

Silver Partner

The SILVER level is for organizations that have achieved commercial and technical certification on Bitdefender products and are ready to commit to annual revenue targets. Silver partners receive a higher margin than Bronze partners, by having access to new opportunity registrations and an extra margin. They are also entitled to receive leads from Bitdefender, account protection, Marketing Development Funds, and support in renewing licenses. Silver partners can provide the first level of support to end-users for all Bitdefender products and solutions they are entitled to sell, based on their trainings and certifications. In return, they receive an extra margin, and hands-on training. Silver partners also enjoy helpful support from their designated Bitdefender Account Manager.

Gold Partner

GOLD, the highest partnership level, is available to partners with extensive experience in selling Bitdefender security solutions. Gold partners maintain more dedicated certified individuals in both sales and technical positions, have access to hands-on training, and commit to higher revenues. They can also offer the first level of support to end-users, appropriate to the segment of products for which they have obtained certifications, as they are eligible to receive the maximum level of margin, leads feed, and support from Bitdefender. Gold partners work more closely with the dedicated Bitdefender Account Manager and Marketing Manager to develop effective sales and marketing plans. They have account protection and full support in closing deals - this means the guarantee of renewals and an exact pipeline amount. They qualify for more Marketing Development Funds, and an extra margin for new opportunities in Bitdefender's portal.

3 easy steps to resell Bitdefender

As a new Bitdefender Partner, your membership is very important to us, we will consider your success vital to us. To realize the benefits of the Bitdefender partnership we recommend you follow a few key steps:

Join the Bitdefender Partner Advantage Network by clicking the JOIN button and create a brief company profile. You will automatically receive your credentials for the PAN portal.

Discover #1 technology in the world! In this phase you will get in touch with Bitdefender products and you will understand their true value and the benefits they bring to you.

Start selling! Leverage the tools and the relationships you’ve forged with Bitdefender and its distribution system, to uncover new opportunities and close deals.

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